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Knowlarity Communications Gurgaon Interview Questions

Knowlarity Communications Gurgaon Interview Questions

for Director  / Engineering Manager role :

Q Difference between :

a. processing millions .mkv files , converting it to .wav files

b. handling millions request

Solution : a is an cpu bound operation while b is an io bound operation . So answer accordingly.

a can be handed by multi process but in case of python even all processes tun on single core.

Q Discussion on hypervisor.

Discussion on lines of Each vm considers the memory alloted to it , memory conflicts are avoided .

Q A highly scalable web service with end points writing data to rabbitMQ / SQS ? Discuss the bottleneck

Connection should be persistent to rabbitmq instead of connecting / disconnecting everytime.

You can discuss alternate approach like publisher / subscriber

Q High number of hits , but data is static , Design so that data is readily available ?

Use caches like memcache , redis

Q Design a higly scalable service

Q In master master synchronizations , if one autoincrements , how it syncs with other servers ?

Q How to scale db ?

Q There are n servers in different regions , if a webpage is opened , how do ypu make sure  it is directed to nearest ip ?

Discuss CDN