RBS Gurgaon Interview Questions Quant Developer Cpp profile

Q Overload assignment and addition operator for a class having a char * ?

Handle cases like (a=b)=c , a+b == c+d

Q Overload [] operator for vector class ?

Q move function in c++ 11?

Q Write scoped based mutex lock-unlock class ?

Q find loop in a link list ?

Q how unsorted map is implemented ?

Q In red -black tree implementation for unsorted map , which comparable operator characteristic should the key datatype have so that it can be inserted as a key ?

Hint: < operator —- You can compare all values of tree using one operator only.

Q What is the scope of constant global ?

It has internal linkages only so only have a local file scope as constant global variables may or may not be assigned a memory ?

Q What are the different types of operators ?

Q design your own log application ?

Q Basic linux questions : ldd , ld_library path , static vs dynamic libraries ,top , ps commands

Q Difference return by pointer , return by reference

Q why we always return copy of a object ?

Q throw specifier ? what if we throw a different error ?

Q how dynamic casting works internally to decide whether to cast or return null ?

Q static reference variable in a function ?

Q Write your own smart pointer class ?

Q lvalue rvalue in detail

Q IPC — can a differnt process use a mempry of another of another process if that memory is passed to this process ?

Q vector — size , resize , capacity and reserve ?

how many new ,delete called for Myclass *m= new Myclass[6] ?

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