Symmetric Tree

Given a binary tree, check whether it is a mirror of itself (ie, symmetric around its center).

struct TreeNode {
* int val;
* TreeNode *left;
* TreeNode *right;
* TreeNode(int x) : val(x), left(NULL), right(NULL) {}
* };

bool isMirrorSame(TreeNode *treea, TreeNode *treeb)
if(!treea && !treeb) return true;
if((treea&&!treeb) || (treeb&&!treea)) return false;
if(treea->val != treeb->val) return false;
return isMirrorSame(treea->left,treeb->right) && isMirrorSame(treea->right,treeb->left);
bool isSymmetric(TreeNode *root) {
// Start typing your C/C++ solution below
// DO NOT write int main() function
if(!root) return true;
return isMirrorSame(root->left,root->right);

Runtime: 36 ms

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