inorder successor of a node

1) If right subtree of node is not NULL, then succ lies in right subtree. Do following:
Go to right subtree and return the node with minimum key value in right subtree.
2) If right sbtree of node is NULL, then succ is one of the ancestors. Do following:
Travel up using the parent pointer until you see a node which is left child of it’s parent. The parent of such a node is the succ.c

struct node * inOrderSuccessor(struct node *root, struct node *n)
    if( n->right != NULL )
        return minValue(n->right);
    struct node *succ = NULL;
    // Start from root and search for successor down the tree
    while (root != NULL)
        if (n->data < root->data)
            succ = root;
            root = root->left;
        else if (n->data > root->data)
            root = root->right;
    return succ;

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