Treating cold ayurvedic way

Treating cold ayurvedic way

Cough and cold is one of the most common health issues that can occur to anybody and everybody at any point of time.

Nasopharynx is one of the leading causes of common cold. Cold symptoms highly affect your body’s immunity power. It is always better to rely on natural products rather than medicated drugs so that speedy results can be gained and on the other hand, side-effects can also be prevented.

Major Ayurvedic products for treating cold:

Ayurveda is the ultimate solution for all kinds of health issues. There are few Ayurvedic products that can efficiently deal with cold symptoms, and they are as follows:

Karpooradi thailam: It is for direct application over face and chest. Few drops need to be put in water and then the solution should be boiled so that you can take the steam. The solution not only reduces inflammation, but chest congestion can also be well treated.

Thaleesapathradi choornam: excess cough can be easily released if you take it along with honey.

Agasthya rasayanam: It is equipped with potential anti-histaminic properties, and thus it acts as a valuable decongestant.

Fluvin capsules: These capsules are now treated as one of the excellent Ayurvedic solutions that can efficiently treat all kinds of cold symptoms. These capsules are enriched with anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties as a result of which cold symptoms can be easily cured, and you can get utmost relief. You also get increased immunity by having these capsules.

5 homemade solutions for dealing with cold symptoms:

Drinking ginger tea: It improves taste buds and digestion can be stimulated as this tea is a decongestant.

Having lemon juice: Both honey and water can be mixed with this juice in order to soothe the sore throat. Excess cough can be driven out and vitamin C intake is also boosted.

Taking garlic: This ingredient is highly enriched with antiseptic properties and thus infectious elements can be eliminated. Garlic can be used both in supplements and soup and thus you can choose any of these forms.

Drinking ginger juice: Water, Amla juice and honey can be mixed with ginger juice in order to create a magical solution that can treat all signs of cold. It not only plays the role of decongestant, but your immunity can also be improved by the same.

Make tulsi preparation: Pepper and tulsi together create the most powerful combination, which drives away both toxins and infectious elements as a result of which suffering due to cold symptoms can be reduced, and you can get instant relief.