Transaction Types

Transaction Types

Credit Card Transactions


This transaction is for credit card transactions to perform an authorisation on the amount required.


This is an online sale transaction in which the customer is accounted of the required amount for which the merchant can initiate a settlement.

3. Adjust Sale

In case the amount needs to adjust from the existing amount to a different amount this option is used.

4. Refund Sale:

In case the Merchant wants a credit back to the customer’s account this option is used. This is just a reverse process of the Sale transaction.

5. Void Sale

In case the customer returns back the goods, the customer has to be cancelled of his original transaction. The void sale option facilitates this option. This can be performed only on unsettled transactions.

6. Settlement

The Merchant needs to settle all the transactions done in a batch in order to receive the payment for the performed transactions. A recon is done between the EDC and SYSTEM totals.

7. Batch Upload

In case of a reconciliation error between EDC and SYSTEM totals during settlement the terminal is triggered to initiate advice message of all successful transactions for proper reconciliation.

8. Reversal

In case of any communication error in performing a transaction like timeouts or telephone line issues then the terminal generates a reversal of the transaction to advise the HOST to cancel the original transaction.

9. Preauthorization Sale

This is a special option that is given to Hotels where in the customer is totally blocked of his OTB when he checks into the HOTEL.

Debit Card Transactions:

1. Debit Purchase:

This transaction is performed on debit cards where in the transaction amount is debited online from the customer’s account. This is PIN based.

2. Balance Enquiry:

This transaction is performed on debit card customers to view his account balance. This is PIN based.

3. Key Exchange

This is for the generation of the Terminal Master, Working / Session and Line Encryption keys for the Credit/Debit/ Loyalty Card Transactions.