when is copy constructor called ?

There are 3 situations in which the copy constructor is called:
1. When we make copy of an object.
string s1(“hello”);
string s2(s1); // copy constructor activated

// create an object as a copy of a temporary object
string s3(string(“abc”));

string s4 = s1;
Line line2 = line1; // This also calls copy constructor
line2=line1 // Calls assignment operator
2. When we pass an object as an argument by value to a method.

// required to maintain state of an object.
3. When we return an object from a method by value.

Default copy constructor does a very simple operation, they will do a bit-wise (member-wise) copy of an object, which means that the object will be copied bit by bit which is dangerous as in that case if it contains a pointer then it means two pointer to a memory location which can lead to crash.

function(str); // str is an string class object.pass by value will invoke copy constructor. Destructor will be called at end and as a result this pointed address will be freed which will result in crash if this str is used again.In case the object has a pointer.
function(str); // program crash
Copy Constructor is called when an object is passed as value since its not the alias which is passed it’s the copy of the object.

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